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Are you looking for some mouth watering homemade cheesecake? Well, we offer the most unique tasting flavors like Strawberry Pineapple Paradise, Radical Raspberry, Fantastic Blueberry, Chocolate Swirl, Lemon Lime to name a few. Let us tempt your palate and dazzle your taste buds with our cheesecakes.

What are we made of? CheeseCake Delite’s cheesecakes are one of a kind, starting from the delicious crust…that has buttery taste along with the graham crackers, which gives it that extra zing. We uses the highest quality cream cheese, fresh whole eggs, sugar and don’t forget the vanilla.

The cake part itself, is more surprising than you can ever imagine. Depending on the type of cake you order says a lot about what you will find in it…but you will have it buy one and find out what we mean.

There is never a cake with the same design…ever, when it comes to topping it off. We think of great ways in exciting our customer from when they look at the interesting box, to the delectable design on the top of the cake, then to the melting of in your mouth. You will feel so alive and refreshed…from the first bite…until your last. So what are you waiting for? Nothing because these cheesecakes hit the spot!

We offer the most unique tasting variety of cakes individually from scratch. We pay meticulous attention to detail and give you the customers, superb quality at value price.

Our Top Sellers

1. Strawberry Pineapple Paradise - 3rd Place Winner 2007
2. Chocolate Swirl - 1st place Winner 2007
3. Fantastic Blueberry - 1st & 3rd Place Winner 2008
4. Plain Jane
5. Awesome Strawberry
6. Radical Raspberry